Network & community

Over the past eighteen years I’ve developed an influential and international network of individuals and companies directly related to design, academia, related industries and within the design community of practice.

I’m actively involved in the International community for IA and UX having been an Advisor to the Board of the IA Institute (for two terms) and a local ambassador for UXnet. I also judged the UX category for Microsoft’s student competition, Imagine, in 2009 and 2010. I was the 2011/12/13/15 local coordinator for World IA Day in South Africa.

I am a member of Design Society Development (a DESIS Lab) and a member of the board of the IA Institute in the capacity of Director of Education for 2015 / 2016.


The SA UX Forum

In 2006 I started the SA UX Forum. I continue to run the local community in Johannesburg, with the aim of growing the practice in South Africa. It has since taken root in Cape Town too.

Join the Forum’s Facebook group

The community functions via online forums and mini-conferences usually held at and supported by the University of Johannesburg (and in the past by Microsoft SA) here in Johannesburg.





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