Overdue updates…

I haven’t posted in ages. I have a great reason though: I took 2017 off. I highly recommend it to anyone who can afford it (in one sense or another). I did do stuff though. I sold my apartment, put all my things in storage and travelled through Israel then settled down to write a book about information architecture design. It’s almost done.

I did some other things too. Terence and I wrote and presented a paper on strategy design at ICoRD ’17 in India entitled: Conceiving and Applying Relationship Models for Design Strategy. A further version of the paper, co-written by us, was then presented in Hong Kong by Terence at the Design Management Academy International Conference 2017 titled: Experience-led Design Strategy.

In March myself and Dan Klyn conducted the workshop Human-Centered Design and IA at the 2017 IA Summit in Vancouver.

Terence, Tasmin Donaldson and myself put on World IA Day in Johannesburg last year and this year. At the latter I presented some of the new thinking to be included in my book.

Other stuff…Terence and I are working on a paper for a special edition of the journal Philosophy and Technology. We wrote a chapter for a book soon to be published addressing ‘educating citizen designers’ in South Africa and our paper ‘Wicked Ethics in Design’ will be republished in a new book on ethics and design.

Perhaps not much of a year off, but it’s been great just to do research and write. Long overdue but nonetheless, this year I start my MA in Design at the University of Johannesburg.

At the top of Masada in Israel

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