UX Landscape of South Africa

Last year, Dr. Marco Pretorius, Terence and myself embarked on researching and baselining the maturity of UX in South Africa. It was a huge effort but I think it turned out really well. As part of the project we created the report, published an academic version of the findings, created a website – www.uxlandscape.com – and have also presented the findings (youtube link) at the UX SA Conference 2015 in Cape Town. The contents of the report include:

  1. About the study
  2. Executive summary
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
    • Part 1: Demographics
    • Part 2: UX Practitioners
    • Part 3: Institutional UX
    • Part 4: Education and knowledge building
  5. Conclusion and recommendations
  6. Next steps

Our intention is now to run this every two years so as to meaningfully contribute to the growth of the field here in SA.

UXlandscape1 UXlandscape2 UXlandscape3 UXlandscape4

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